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Reviews & interviews




The Millions, with Susan DeFreitas
Radio Boston (WBUR), with Meghna Chakrabarti (AUDIO)
Bustle, with Cristina Arreola
The Michael Slate Show (AUDIO)
Retabloid, with Elvira Grassi (in Italian)
Minnesota Public Radio, with Kerri Miller (AUDIO)
The Irish Times, with Tanya Sweeney
Moss, with Alexis M. Smith
Entropy Mag, with Thea Prieto
PBS Books, with Rich Fahle (VIDEO)
WMFA Podcast, with Courtney Balestier (AUDIO)
Visitant, with Mary Breaden
Q, with Tom Power (AUDIO)
Apartment Therapy, with Sam Zabell
Writers on Writing, with Nicole Nelson (AUDIO)
Stylist UK, with Francesca Brown
Author Talks, with Marla Diamond (AUDIO)
Think Out Loud, with April Baer (AUDIO)
Press Play, with Madeleine Brand (AUDIO)
Reading Glasses podcast (AUDIO)
The Takeaway, with Todd Zwillich (AUDIO)
Powell's Q&A, with Rhianna Walton
Cascadia Magazine, with Sarah Marshall
NPR Weekend Edition, with Scott Simon (AUDIO)
Between the Covers, with David Naimon (AUDIO)
Refinery29, with Rachel Selvin
Electric Literature, with Deirdre Sugiuchi
BookPage, with Leslie Hinson
University of Portland blog, with Keaton Gaughan

Reviews of Red Clocks

Times Literary Supplement, reviewed by Fran Bigman
The Nation, reviewed by Mike Mariani
The Seattle Review of Books, reviewed by Jessica Mooney
Portland Mercury, reviewed by Megan Burbank
The Guardian (UK), reviewed by Katharine Coldiron
The Atlantic, reviewed by Sophie Gilbert
The New York Times, reviewed by Naomi Alderman
Electric Literature, reviewed by Kate Harding
The Irish Independent, reviewed by Anne Cunningham
The Irish Independent, reviewed by Tanya Sweeney
Emerald Street (UK), reviewed by Francesca Brown
The Millions, reviewed by Kaethe Schwehn
The Rumpus, reviewed by Chelsea Leu
Willamette Week, reviewed by Matthew Korfhage
The Washington Post, reviewed by Ron Charles
The Los Angele Times, reviewed by Joy Press
Chicago Tribune, reviewed by Kathleen Rooney
Oprah.com, reviewed by Dawn Raffel
O Magazine, February 2018
People, February 2018
Seattle Times, reviewed by Jeff Baker
NPR Weekend Edition, reviewed by Barrie Hardymon
Elle, December 2017
Bookforum, reviewed by Fiona Maazel
Marie Claire, reviewed by Samantha Irby
Booklist (starred review), November 2017
Library Journal (starred review), October 2017