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Recent work

Giving Name to the Nameless,” a foreword to Suzette Haden Elgin’s 1980s feminist sci-fi trilogy Native Tongue
Letters to Mothers: Crones, Hags, Witches, and Killjoys,” co-created with Sophia Shalmiyev, in Guernica
Where You Surprise Yourself: Leni Zumas Interviews Peter Rock,” in BOMB Magazine
Born This Way? Why biology is not destiny,” book review in The Times Literary Supplement
That,“ short story in Granta
Beyond + Between,” art/text project co-created with Luca Dipierro, in 7 X 7
The Moraine,“ short story in Portland Monthly
Heteronormativity is the Ultimate Karaoke: Interview w/ Chelsey Johnson“, Tin House
A Mother's Day essay in Sunday Times Style UK
Maybe There's Nothing Natural About Motherhood,“ The Cut
The Mender,“ excerpt from Red Clocks in Lenny Letter
She Was Warned,“ excerpt from Red Clocks in Tin House
Voss, Bree, Fend, Light,“ essay on shame, debris, & Betsy DeVos in The Elephants
Doors,“ story made of language found on Nextdoor.com in The Collagist

From the archives

“Tunnels,“ City of Weird: 30 Otherworldly Portland Tales, Forest Avenue Press
The story “Tell Them to Breathe,” Two Serious Ladies
A Wooden Leg, a novel in 64 cards (with Luca Dipierro)
Until I Find It, a graphic novelette (with Luca Dipierro)
A playlist for The Listeners at Tin House
An Account of My Death in the Mountains,” matchbook
“Notes for a Study of Water Death,“ Knee-Jerk Offline, Vol. 2
“Dragons May Be the Way Forward,“ They're At It Again: Stories from Twenty Years of Open City 
Your Spelling Book Has Fallen into My Hands,“ Route 9
A playlist for Farewell Navigator at Largehearted Boy