From the Archives

The story “Tell Them to Breathe,” at Two Serious Ladies

A Wooden Leg, a novel in 64 cards (with Luca Dipierro)

Until I Find It, a graphic novelette (with Luca Dipierro)

I made a playlist of D.C. hardcore/punk/emo from the 80s and 90s, in honor of my hometown music scene's (sideways) influence on THE LISTENERS, for Tin House's Guest DJ Series.

“White Serjeant,” a story about (among other things) a W.A.S.P. song, in the anthology Hair Lit, Vol. 1, edited by Nick Ostdick, Orange Alert Press

An Account of My Death in the Mountains,” in matchbook

“Notes for a Study of Water Death” in Knee-Jerk Offline, Vol. 2

“Dragons May Be the Way Forward” in They're At It Again: Stories from Twenty Years of Open City 

"Your Spelling Book Has Fallen into My Hands" in Route 9

A playlist for Farewell Navigator at Largehearted Boy